High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) programs serve as an accessible, budget-friendly gateway to experiencing the thrill of the race track in your own car. Open to anyone possessing a state-issued driver’s license, these programs, including the World Racing League’s HPDE initiative known as the Performance Driving School (PDS), guide participants from right-seat instruction to progressively faster run groups as their skills and speed evolve.

PDS: A Gateway to Safe, Enjoyable High-Speed Driving

World Racing League’s PDS is more than just an HPDE program; it’s an opportunity for motorsports enthusiasts of all backgrounds to master high-speed driving within a safe and enjoyable environment. While the primary focus is on imparting skills for enhanced safety and speed, PDS places equal emphasis on creating low-pressure, friendly events and social activities that foster new friendships and memorable experiences. Notably, PDS is gentle on your car, requiring no roll cage or specialized equipment beyond a Snell-rated helmet.

Unrivaled Track Time: PDS Sets the Standard

PDS distinguishes itself by offering more track time than any other HPDE program in the US. Novices enjoy a dedicated run group with four instructed track sessions per day. Meanwhile, seasoned drivers in solo run groups can partake in up to eight track sessions daily, providing advanced drivers with over six hours of track time per weekend. The degree of engagement during this time is entirely at the participant’s discretion.

PDS: Tailored for Diverse Enthusiasts

PDS caters to a broad audience, making it ideal for:

  • Drivers with any level of track experience, or none at all
  • Motorsports enthusiasts adhering to real-world budgets
  • Individuals seeking the joy of driving on racing circuits in a safe, low-pressure environment
  • Aspiring drivers working towards a competition license
  • Those utilizing daily drivers, autocross cars, track day cars, or dedicated race cars

In essence, PDS opens the door to mastering high-speed driving for all, emphasizing skill development, camaraderie, and the joy of the race track.